FR8 Bukyn

A digital freight platform that streamlines the shipping process to increase carrier and shipper efficiencies.


August 2020 - January 2021

My Role

Founding UX / UI Designer

What I did
  • UX / UI design
  • Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
The Team
  • 2x Designer


Redesigning the fleet management experience

FR8 is building the freight platform of the future, using cutting-edge technology to automate processes, remove pain points, and redefine what it means to ship freight. It is a cloud-based freight management solution that’s easy to use.

My responsibility was building 4 separate products within the product ecosystem from ground-up.

I can not show the updated screens due to proprietary reasons. Please email me to learn more about my work.


Real-Time Tracking
I designed FR8's real-time tracking option that keeps carriers and shippers  updated on the load's location, status and dynamic ETA’s to quickly react and mitigate any unexpected events.

Easy Load Management
Owner operators & carriers can easily view details of assigned loads before accepting or declining loads
Schedule and Manage Loads
The Fr8Bukyn platform allows shippers to schedule and manage their loads through the dashboard
Easy Booking
Shippers can book and make bids for shipments that best fit their need
Driver Management
With the driver management feature, the stress of sourcing for reliable truck capacity for  FTL shipping needs is removed by providing access to vetted carriers
Report Delays
Owner operators & carriers can easily view details of assigned loads, report any events, upload docs and more with the platform.

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